Ultra Secure Mobile

Innovative Technology



The Patero PQ-One hardware based Quantum Secure crypto solution is designed for maximum security using established security protocols enhanced by Quantum Computer resistant cryptography.
Our technology will be made available to customers who have particularly high demands on secure communication and exchange of information, especially for industry, authorities, governments, military, to protect sensitive data and critical infrastructure against (state sponsored) espionage and sabotage and to maintain highly available communication paths.

Abhörsichere Kommunikation

  • Abhörsichere Smartphones
  • Software Defined Radios
  • Ultra-sichere Tablets
  • Ultra-sichere Laptops

Kritische Infrastruktur

  • Energieversorgung
  • Car-2-X
  • Healthcare
  • Smart City

Research & Development

  • Post-Quanten Kryptographie
  • IoT / IIoT Absicherung
  • Crypto Cold Wallets