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Patero GmbH was founded in November 2017 specifically for the development and commercialization of
a mobile phone with its own built-in proprietary crypto hardware (made in Germany) for the encryption of
voice and data communication.
The company is focused on the deployment of encryption technologies in the European market.
Our technology will be made available to customers who have particularly high demands on secure
communication and exchange of information, especially for authorities, journalists and to protect against
industrial and economic espionage.



Our technology includes the possibility to operate the central server
infrastructure used for Authentication of the devices for a closed
user group within the sovereignty and under the control of the customer
(with our support) e.g. in the field of Automotive / Finance and industrial
The system is multi-user / multi-group capable and scalable.

Dish Antenna

Crypto will not be broken, it will be bypassed

Adi Shamir
Israeli cryptographer and co-inventor (RSA) algorithm.



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