PATERO Quantum Secure Data Solutions

Cyber-attacks cost companies billions every year and threaten our National Security, Critical Infrastructure, Critical Supply Chain, and Communications.  These attacks are possible because the data is insufficiently protected and access to data is unsecured.  PATERO Quantum Secure products, delivered as hardware and software, will prevent data today’s data breaches and tomorrow’s Quantum threats.

The strongest data encryption technologies used today will be easily defeated after Q Day -- the day when quantum computers become powerful enough to break current encryption technologies, exposing states and businesses to espionage, ransomware attack, data loss and IP theft.  
PATERO's patent-pending, Quantum secure data solutions, utilize established security protocols and Quantum Computer resistant cryptography, to deliver reliable, resilient, incorruptible data flows.

  • Market-ready solutions
  • Hardware and software VMs, Containers
  • 100% interoperable ecosystem
  • Supports new and legacy hardware
  • Seamlessly integrates into existing network

    PATERO Quantum Secure solutions, protect against todays attacks and tomorrows imminent threats. 

PATERO Product Applications


Enables Secure Data Flows Between Discrete Networks

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Virtual Cloud Service

On Premise, Any Cloud
VM and Container

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PCIe and NIC

Supports New 
and Legacy Hardware

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Secure communication

Smartphone, Tablet,

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IoT Sensor

Secure Sensor 
Access Control, Management

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Intelligent Edge

LF Edge Interoperable Framework 
for Edge Computing

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Access Control, Management

Supply Chain
Production, Logistics

Network, Internet Svc.

C6 Intelligence, Surveilance, Recon

Our Mission
Patero builds and deploys Quantum Secure cryptographic solutions that protect National Security, Critical Infrastructure, and Supply Chain assets, against the threat of Quantum computing attacks.

Our Team

Our Team is comprised of security professionals with backgrounds in government, military and technology.

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Quantum Secure Solutions

  • Critical Supply Chain
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Communications
  • Defense
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