PATERO Quantum Protected Data Solutions

Valuable data and Intellectual Property, protected by today’s most powerful encryption technologies, are being stolen and stored, for decryption at a later date, a.k.a ‘Q Day’.  Qday is the day, not too far in the future, when these Quantum Computers become widely available for state-sponsored and corporate espionage agents, who will use quantum computers, to break through any encryption technology, in use today, that’s not Quantum secure.
PATERO Quantum Protected data communications solutions, deliver Quantum Attack secure data workflows, using established security protocols and Quantum Computer resistant cryptography.  Patero’s  QS- Quantum Secure crypto solution is designed for maximum security using common encryption technologies, enhanced by our patented Quantum Computer resistant cryptography. 

  • Deployed as hardware and software
  • 100% interoperable family of Quantum Cryptography based solutions
  • Supports new and existing network assets and implementations 

Quantum Threat Secure Products


Enables secure data flows between discrete networks

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Virtual Cloud Service

VM and Container

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PCIe and NIC

For New and Legacy Hardware

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DB Mirror

Incorruptible Database Snapshots
Backup, Disaster Recovery

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IoT Sensor

Sensor Access Control, Management

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Intelligent Edge

Integrated with Linux Fledge

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Focused Markets

Access Control, Management

Supply Chain
Production, Logistics

Network, Internet Svc.

C6 Intelligence, Surveilance, Recon

Our Mission

We build and deploy Quantum Cryptographic solutions, that protect our nations Critical Infrastructure, Supply Chain and Defense, against the threat of Quantum computing attacks.

Our Team

We are a team of security conscious individuals, working together to enable a safer, secure connected Internet experience.

Henning Schiel


Mattie Ball


Robert Bentley

Federal Operations

Patrick Hiatt


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